Mallow, Co Cork
Club No: 9298
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Whatever your aims in life may be, your success depends on your ability to communicate.

By joining the Speak Easy Club you have embarked on a programme that will greatly increase your communication and leadership skills in an atmosphere of goodwill and good fun.

Goodwill and good fun are the two things that the Mallow club have an abundance of.

The Mallow club was formed in 1992 and has grown steadily over the years and now has over 30 members with our meetings always well attended.

The club is not a classroom; it’s a workshop in which you will develop your leadership and communication skills among a group of friends. Members draw strength from one another and take pride in helping each other grow and develop.

Experienced members are always available for the newer members if they require advice and guidance; he or she has faced the same challenges that the newer members are facing and understands how they feel. Members of the Mallow club are drawn from all walks of life.

(Before you go to a Toastmasters meeting why not download our information sheet especially for guests and new members)

The club meets every second Thursday night from September to May inclusive. Participation details are available on Facebook & Local Newspapers. Meetings begin at 7.50 for 8pm and end at 10pm and everybody is welcome to attend.

So come along as a guest some night to see what happens, as a guest you will not be asked to participate. You won’t be disappointed